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Academic Integrity Policy

Interpretation of Terms:

The ‘Company’ or Nail Your Writing operates under the domain com, providing academic counselling, editing, and proofreading services that maintain the highest educational standards and promote academic integrity.

The ‘Customer’ is an individual who visits in order to get academic counselling, editing, or proofreading assistance or to use the educational resources available on the website free of charge.

The ‘Service’ is an academic counselling, editing, and proofreading service provided by the Company within a defined time frame and following the Customer‘s specification. The service consists of samples of custom-made academic assignments or corrections and editorial revisions to academic texts. These are under no circumstances intended for submission to any university, college, academy, school, or other educational institution, which is chartered, incorporated, licensed, registered, or supervised by the state, in fulfilment of the requirements of a degree, diploma, certificate, or course of study at any such educational institution.

Guiding Principles

Academic Integrity

Nail Your Writing takes academic integrity seriously and honours the values of rigorous research and original writing. The Company supports the fulfilment of educational values through the maintenance of academic standards, including

Appropriately acknowledging all sources of information drawn upon in the Customer’s academic work according to the citation and referencing practices of the Customer’s discipline.

Never seeking to obtain unfair advantage for the Customer or another in any form of academic assessment or examination.

Collaborating with the Customer when appropriate but recognising when they need to produce independent work.

Presenting accurate information and data that has been obtained appropriately and which is a fair representation of the Customer’s endeavours, knowledge, and understanding.

Stating when the Customer has used work before in a previous assessment (whether successful or not) using an acceptable referencing system.

Academic Misconduct

Nail Your Writing declares that the practice of trafficking in educational materials serves no legitimate purpose and tends to undermine the educational process to the detriment of students, the academic community, and the wider public.

The Company abstains from and advocates against any form of academic misconduct, including

Plagiarism: the use of ideas, intellectual property or work of others without acknowledgement or, where relevant, permission.

Reuse of previously submitted material: the use of work, without appropriate referencing, which has been submitted for assessment, whether successful or not, by the same student in this university or any other institution.

Collusion: the unauthorised collaboration between two or more individuals resulting in the submission of work that is unreasonably similar, but which is submitted as being the product of the submitting student’s individual efforts.

Impersonation: Personating by assuming the identity of another or allowing another to assume the student’s identity in order to mislead or deceive.

Contract cheating: Contracting a third party to complete an assessment task, generally in exchange for money or another manner of payment.

Data fabrication or falsification: Any attempt to present fictitious or distorted data, evidence, references, experimental results or other material with the intent of supporting false conclusions.

Cheating: Any action before, during or after an examination or assessment by which a student seeks to gain unfair advantage or assist another student to do so. This includes the possession of unauthorised material or technology during an examination and attempting to access unseen assessment materials in advance of an examination.

Nail Your Writing does not condone academic dishonesty, which involves assisting students in cheating, obtaining grades with a paper written by an academic writing consultant, or obtaining degrees with a dissertation or thesis written by an academic writing expert.

The Company will not knowingly help a student cheat, plagiarise, or engage in activities that violate the academic policies of the educational institute the student belongs to. This includes Nail Your Writing taking tests or completing graded assignments for students.

How to use our services

The aims of sample essays

Nail Your Writing provides an opportunity for Customers to unlock their academic potential and enhance their educational and career paths. We trust that Customers will use the Company’s services professionally and responsibly.

The Company offers personalised model essays and provides editing and proofreading services to the Customer’s specifications. In this way, the Company seeks to demonstrate what excellent work looks like and provide a model from which the Customer can draw inspiration later when writing their own original work. In short, the Company offers a hyper-personalised guide to help the Customer improve their writing and grades, and not a ready-made product that the Customer can submit as their work.

The Customer is strongly discouraged from submitting Nail Your Writing work as their own work. They are also advised not to submit Nail Your Writing work after changing a few words and keeping large chunks of texts untouched. If discovered, the Customer’s university will view this as academic misconduct. The institution will likely have outlined in their Academic Integrity Policy the disciplinary consequence of impersonation (passing off someone else’s work as one’s own writing).

Regardless of the ethical and legal issues raised, passing off others’ work as the Customer’s own work also defeats the purpose of their education—the advancement of which is the mission of the Company. If the Customer does not engage with their course and turns in someone else’s work rather than researching and writing their own, they are not learning and not acquiring the skills required to succeed after university. It would become apparent to any future employer very quickly that the Customer does not possess the knowledge and aptitudes that the degree to which the Customer has been awarded corresponds.

Our services combined with other educational tools

These days, it takes a lot of hard work to excel at university. Classroom learning, independent study, tutorials, revision, and a service like Nail Your Writing can all be fundamental parts of the Customer’s formula for success.

The Customer is encouraged to hone their writing skills by using the knowledge base, comprising educational resources and writing samples, available on It is also highly recommended to use the one-to-one consultation with the Company’s academic writing consultant to streamline the preparation, research, writing, editing, and formatting of their academic or career-related texts.

Intelligent Customers, including students, researchers, and others, use the Company’s services as a learning tool to advance their work and save time. Others take our work as a point of departure for their own inspiration.

If the Customer doesn’t understand what’s required when they’re working on a university assignment, essay, or dissertation, trusting our Company is advisable and hugely beneficial. The Customer can see what they need to do to improve and take active steps to achieve this.



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